Mistakes - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Bond's Aston Martin's tires screech repeatedly on the loose sand of the beach.

Blofeld fails to recognize Bond, even though the two met face-to-face in the previous film, "You Only Live Twice" (1967). The one draft of the script for "O.H.M.S.S." began with Bond having his face altered via plastic surgery (to explain the change of lead actor). This idea was dropped, but in doing so it created this continuity problem later in the film. The root cause of the issue is the producer's decision to shoot the films in a different order to Ian Fleming's original novels.

At the beginning when Bond drives out on the beach, a ship can be seen in the distance against the raising sun. During the fight,the sky is stormy and the ship is no longer visible.

When Bond is fighting the attacker in the water, it alternates rapidly between shots of them fighting in the water, and fighting on the sand. Additionally, it is never really explained why Bond or these goons engage in a fight. If they were cronies of Draco then both Bond and the goons would have a similar mission - to save Tracy.

When Bond is talking to Tracy at the beginning in the casino, Tracy is resting her chin on her hand. When she says, "If you want to stay alive, then play it safe," she lowers her hand and leans forward. The shot changes and she is resting her chin on her hand again without having time to return to that position.

Bond clearly has even greater card skills than we suspected - when he's playing at the gaming table, he's dealt cards with a white back, but he somehow transforms them into ones with red backs only seconds later!

Bond's tie can be seen changing positions while in mid conversation in the scene where Draco and Tracy drop him off in front of Gumbold's office building. Bond's neck tie can be see tucked inside his coat, then dangling in the next shot, then tucked back inside his coat.

Bond mentions that his family coat or arms bears four bezants and three gold balls. Watch closely and you'll see that Lazenby is actually saying three bezants (which is correct), but somewhere along the line the actual dialogue was changed to four bezants.

When Bond is first summoned from the dinner to meet with Blofeld in his office, Grunther assists him in putting on his overcoat. Bond puts both arms in the sleeves but when he arrives at the office he is wearing the coat draped over his shoulders as can clearly be seen as Grunther slips it off - this is due to an injury Lazenby suffered during filming and therefore the lead actor was unable to ware a jacket for this scene.

When Bond is escorted to Draco's office in the Rolls Royce you can see that the tarpaulin covering the electric folding top is in place. A few moments later the folding top is being closed. This would only be possible if the tarpaulin was previously removed as nobody would have a chance to remove in in such a short space of time.

When Bond meets Blofeld for the first time, Blofeld starts to undo the buttons on his jacket. When we next cut back to Blofeld, his buttons are all done up.

After Fraulein Bunt sees the girls off in the van, a car with three Blofeld henchmen pulls up. They honk to her and the man riding shotgun gets out and lets her into the front passenger seat. He gets in the back. But in the next shot of the car's occupants, Bunt is in the back with a man to her left and one in front of her.

Piz Gloria is supposed to be absolutely off limits private property, yet when Bond skis out the lower door in the escape sequence he's obviously on a well groomed ski slope that's been skied on by many previous skiers.

In Gumbold's office, the safe cracker falls off the safe after successfully cracking it, it knocks the safe's handle downwards. In the next shot when Bond opens the safe the handle is back to its original position.

Why is it that Bond doesn't seem to catch cold while he's in the cable car gear house? It must be pretty exposed in there and he's only wearing a thin looking pullover.

When Bond and Tracy are skiing, pursued by Blofeld and his henchmen, there is a moment before they realise they are being chased. Tracy looks back, smiling, and the fan of a wind machine is visible behind Bond's head.

At the end of the first ski chase, in which Bond ends up on one ski, he nearly goes over a cliff edge. As he pulls himself back, a thin safety cable can be seen attached to his ankle.

How long does it take the thugs to drive Bond to visit Draco? They set off in the early morning (Bond has only just got up) but it's night by the time they arrive.

During the stock car race, when the Mercedes enters the track, it fishtails and hits Mini #11, which has spun out and stopped. A few seconds later, the Cougar passes a moving #11. The Mercedes then hits #11, causing it to spin; in the next shot, #11 is still in the race and is passed by the Cougar again. A few seconds later, after the white car flips, the Cougar passes #11 a third and final time. In the same scene, when one of the legitimate contestants' car gets flipped, there is an in-car point of view from the upside-down stock car. However, one can see that the shot is really a conventional reaction shot of the driver inverted in the editing room by the fact that the background and spectators are also upside-down.

In the stock-car scene, when Tracy says "James! How do we get out?" her lips aren't moving to match her speech.

When Bond goes in to wake up Ruby only to find it is actually Irma Bunt hiding in bed disguised as Ruby viewers can tell the original was the real Ruby and midway through the sequence filmmakers switched actresses.

At one point, Tracy kisses her father goodbye, yet we hear her voice continue to speak clearly.

During the conversation with the real Sir Hillary at the Royal College of Arms, Bond's body position changes too quickly, from shot to shot, at least twice.

In one shot where both Bond and Draco are shown in the cockpit, the Huey behind them has the tail rotor on starboard but all other shots show the tail rotor is on port.

During the distant view of the helicopter assault on Piz Gloria towards the end of the film, a helicopter that is slowly approaching the building at the far right of the screen (widescreen DVD version), suddenly vanishes into thin air and then reappears as a landed 'copter just one second later.

During the helicopter attack, one helicopter suddenly shifts position. This can be seen when the tail shifts upward about 15 degrees.

During the attack on the Piz Gloria, one of the scientists throws a large beaker at a glass double-door before Bond gets to it, splattering a purple liquid across both doors near the handles. The next shot shows a close-up with a large hole burned through the left glass door at head level surrounded by gray char marks as Bond walks through the opened right door. The next shot has Bond through the doors, which are closed, intact and clean.

During the bob-sleigh chase, Blofeld is caught in a tree branch and, in close up, we see the branch wrapped around his neck. The accompanying long shot, however, shows him hanging from the tree by his hands.

After Bond's showdown with Blofeld, Bond quips, "He's branched off!" but his mouth doesn't match his words.