Mistakes - Octopussy

When 007 'ejects' the two parachutes belonging to the guards who have taken him prisoner in the pre-titles, the line attached to their harnesses to launch them into the air can be seen.

After having dispatched with the villain [Kamal Kahn], Bond is in the process of rescuing Octopussy from the cliff face. Holding her with his left hand, preventing her from falling off the cliff, the position of his right arm significantly changes between shots; once being strung-out and away from his body, then suddenly being very close to his body.

The tiger head that "roars" out of the jungle at Bond during the hunt sequence is obviously immobile and stuffed.

During the climax, whilst Gobinda and Bond do battle on the outside of the plane, his jacket opens up to reveal the stuntman's parachute underneath, just as he falls from the plane.

After the Octopussy Circus train leaves East Germany and enters West Germany, the train passes through a tunnel entrance festooned by an East German-style propaganda banner.

Gobinda is chasing Bond and Vijay through the bustling city. When Bond dispatches with an assassin and flips him onto a bed of nails, the nails appear to be made of rubber, as they bend around the assassin's body.

When Gobinda attacks Bond on the train, he rolls over and the rubber sword bends.

In some shots of the Acrostar during its 'flight' through the hanger, the pole it is mounted on can be seen amidst the foreground bustle.

When Q is landing the hot air balloon, he revs up the propane. This is unnatural as the injection of fuel is what causes these balloons to rise.

It is said that Karl-Marx-Stadt is East of Berlin. Karl-Marx-Stadt was the name of the city of Chemnitz between 1953 and 1990, which is situated slightly south-west of Berlin.

When Bond arrives at Q's base, he hands over his jacket to an assistant after it has been damaged in the fight. A short while later, it is returned to him, repaired by the power of Q Branch's tailoring service no doubt. He then puts the jacket on and leaves - but he neglects to put his shoulder holster back on.

A shot of a sign which says "National Art Repository" in both English and Russian has the Russian word for "art" misspelled: the fourth letter should be the Russian "u" not the Russian "ch." The two letters do look alike, which suggests that the text was likely copied out of a dictionary erroneously.

During a close-up of the car-on-railroad stunt, the car has proper flanged railroad wheels rather than shot up and skinned up automobile wheels (albeit dressed up to resemble the original wheels).

On the Octopussy Circus train, Bond would not have had adequate time and privacy to change into the gorilla suit in the same room as the attackers without them noticing.

Why does it take Bond so long to realise that Octopussy's circus plays such a key role in the operation? After all, 009 was working there undercover as a clown and one presumes that at some point he must have reported in what he'd found to his local office if not to M himself.

When disguised as a circus clown, James Bond alternates between wearing and not wearing long clown shoes.

Bond is hiding underneath the Octopussy train when it begins to move. He scrambles to get purchase on the underbelly of the train before it runs him over and moves into the tunnel with the carriage, but in the wide-shots of the carriage before it enters the tunnel there is nobody to be seen underneath the carriage.

When Gobinda and Bond fight on the roof of the moving train and fall, the sabre Gobinda holds in his hand bends on contact with the train roof.

It seems rather implausible that the Russian authorities hadn't noticed that rare Faberge eggs, supposedly safe in the Kremlin Art Repository, are suddenly turning up for sale at Sotheby's.

During the pre-title sequence, Bond takes his cap off and turns it inside out to create an army cap. However, he then puts on a far more rigid cap to complete his officer uniform.

During the raid on Kamal's Palace by the circus girls, there are many punches and kicks, that often miss their targets very badly, but despite this, sound effect are played.

When Bond tries to escape the rocket that is shot at his plane, he is seen in the cockpit pulling the control lever to the right. But the plane turns to the left.

When Gobina slashes at Bond atop the plane, one shot shows Roger Moore's stunt double who is wearing a black outfit, not a dark blue suit as Bond is seen to be wearing.

General Orlov's uniform features some historical inaccuracies: among them his cap is closer to the design of that of an enlisted Soviet soldier rather than a General's cap.

When he's thrown into the river after escaping Octopussy's mansion, how does Bond get away with not being eaten by the crocodiles that killed his attackers?

When Bond comes round in Khan's mansion, his watch is still tracking the homing device and doing so very noisily - so why does no-one notice it?

During the Indian hunting party sequence, stock footage of a tiger is used, as is rear-projection. The plants in the footage don't match up with those in the current scene.

Bond and the knife-throwing twin, Grischska fall off the top of the Octopussy train on the same side. It cuts to the next shot, and they are both on opposite sides of the train.

When the circus girl does the see-saw back-flip with the elephan and lands on top of the stuntman, stunt wires can be seen in shot.

In the fight sequence at Octopussy's floating palace, one of the goons that attacks Bond has a cast on his arm.

When James Bond tries to enter the US Air Force Base without clearance, the Security Police guard fires warning shots in the air: this is highly illegal and would never be permitted.

At the end of the final action sequence, Octopussy is hanging onto Bond's left arm to keep from falling - presumably the event that caused the injury to Bond's arm. However, his opposite arm is the one that is in the cast when the pair are relaxing on the Junk.