Movie Information - Thunderball

Year of Production: 1965
Date of Release: 29 December 1965
Running Times: 125 mins
Format: Technicolor 35mm Panavision
Classification: PG (UK)
Ratio: 2.35:1 Panavision
Sound: 5.1


Sean Connery [James Bond]
Claudine Auger [Domino]
Adolfo Celi [Largo]
Luciana Paluzzi [Fiona]
Rik Van Nutter [Felix Leiter]
Guy Doleman [Count Lippe]
Molly Peters [Patricia]
Martine Beswick [Paula]
Bernard Lee [M]
Desmond Llewelyn [Q]
Lois Maxwell [Moneypenny]
Roland Culver [Foreign Secretary]
Earl Cameron [Pinder]
Paul Stassino [Palazzi]
Rose Alba [Madame Boitier]
Philip Locke [Vargas]
George Pravda [Kutze]
Michael Brennan [Janni]
Leonard Sachs [Group Captain]
Edward Underdown [Air Vice Marshal]
Reginald Beckwith [Kenniston]
Harold Sanderson [hydrofoil captain]
Bill Cummings [Quist - uncredited]
Maryse Guy Mitsouko [Mademoiselle La Porte - uncredited]
Bob Simmons [Jacques Boitier - uncredited]
Anthony Bailey [radar navigator - uncredited]
Gabor Baraker [SPECTRE No 13 - uncredited]
Suzy Kendall [Prue - uncredited]
Harold Sanderson [double for Connery - uncredited]
Frank Cousins [underwater double for Connery - uncredited]
Charles Russhon [air force officer at 00 briefing - uncredited]
Anthony Dawson [Ernst Stavro Blofeld / Number 1 (uncredited)]


Production Company: Eon Productions
Producers: Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, Kevin McClory
Production Supervisor: David Middlemas

Screenplay: Richard Maibaum, John Hopkins
Original Screenplay: Jack Whittingham
Story: Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham, Ian Fleming

Director: Terence Young
Assistant Director: Gus Agosti
Action Sequences: Bob Simmons
Underwater Sequences: Ivan Tors Underwater Studios
Underwater Sequences Director: Ricou Browning

Director of Photography: Ted Moore
Camera Operator: John Winbolt
2nd Unit Camera: Egil Wonthou (?)
Underwater Camera: Lamar Boren

Supervising Editor: Peter Hunt
Editor: Ernest Hosler [uncredited?]
Assembly Editor: Ben Rayner

Music: John Barry
Lyrics: Don Black
Song Performed By: Tom Jones

Sound Recording: Bert Ross, Maurice Askew
Dubbing Editors: Norman Wanstall, Harry Miller
Underwater Engineer: Jordan Klein
Sound Recorded At: The Gate Recording Theatre

Make Up: Paul Rabiger, Basil Newall
Hair: Eileen Warwick
Wardrobe Designer: Anthony Mendleson
Wardrobe Mistress: Eileen Sullivan
Wardrobe Master: John Brady
Connery's Suits: Anthony Sinclair

Special Effects: John Stears

Production Designer: Ken Adam
Art Director: Peter Murton
Assistant Art Director: Michael White
Set Dresser: Freda Pearson
Main Title Designer: Maurice Binder

Continuity: Joan Davis
Technical Advisor: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Russhon [uncredited]

Locations: Paris; The Bahamas; Pinewood Studios, London, England
Location Manager: Frank Ernst
Location Facilities: Bramwell Flm Productions Ltd (Bahamas)
Paradise Island Sequences Courtesy Of: W.I Huntingsoon Hartford (?)

Thanks To: Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas; Royal Navy; Royal Air Force; United States Air Force; United States Coast Guard

Jet Pack Pilot: Bill Suitor
Stunt Driver: Bob Simmons


France; South of England; MI6 in London; Nassau, Bahamas.

Alternative Titles

Calm Down Mr Bond - Dutch, Feuerball - German, Operation Thunder - Belgian, Thunderball Fighting - Japanese, Operation Tonnerre - French, Agente 007: Thunderball - Italian, Operazione tuono - Italian, Operacion trueno - Spanish, Agente 007 i Ilden - Danish.