Quotes - The Living Daylights

M: Gentlemen, this may only be an exercise so far as the Ministry of Defence is concerned. But for me, it is a matter of pride that the 00 section has been chosen for this test. Your objective is to penetrate the radar installations of Gibralter. Now, the SAS has been placed on full alert to intercept you, but I know you won't let me down. Good luck, men.

Linda: It's all so boring here, Margo - there's nothing but playboys and tennis pros.If only I could find a real man.
James Bond: I need to use your phone.
James Bond: She'll call you back.
Linda: You are who?
James Bond: Bond, James Bond.
James Bond: Exercise Control, 007 here. I'll report in an hour.
Linda: Won't you join me?
James Bond: Better make that two.

Saunders: Saunders. Head of Section "V" Vienna. You're bloody late. This is a mission, not a fancy dress ball.
James Bond: We have time.

James Bond: Lovely girl with the cello.
Saunders: Forget the ladies for once, Bond.


Saunders: I'm telling M you deliberately missed. Your orders were to kill that sniper.
James Bond: Stuff my orders! I only kill professionals. That girl didn't know one end of a rifle from the other. Go ahead. Tell M what you want. If he fires me, I'll thank him for it.

James Bond: Whoever she was, I must have scared the living daylights out of her.

James Bond: I'll pick you up at the border, twenty-three hundred hours. Be there.
Saunders: Where are you taking him? How will you get him out?
James Bond: Sorry, old man, section 26, paragraph 5. Need-to-know. Sure you understand.

James Bond: Relax Georgi. Our engineers have spent months perfecting this.
General Georgi Koskov: How many times have you done this before?
James Bond: You're the first!

Rosika Miklos: Remember, when the gauge says 100, pull this lever. Not before.
James Bond: Where are you going?
Rosika Miklos: To take care of the supervisor. When peak goes off, his board lights up like christmas tree.

Q: Something we're making for the Americans. It's called a "Ghetto Blaster".

James Bond: Just taking the Aston out for a spin, Q.
Q: Be careful, 007! It's just had a new coat of paint!

Miss Moneypenny: That girl must be very talented.
James Bond: Believe me, my interest in her is purely professional.


James Bond: I had a few optional extras installed.

Felix Leiter: Just what the hell are you trying to do, 007? Start World War III?
James Bond: Felix Leiter. Now what's the CIA doing here?
Felix Leiter: Nice work girls.
Linda: No hard feelings?
James Bond: Just as long as the party's still on.

Leonid Pushkin: I take this is not a social call, Bond.
James Bond: Correct.
James Bond: You should have brought lilies.
Leonid Pushkin: May I ask why?
James Bond: Smiert Spionum.
Leonid Pushkin: Smiert Spionum? It was a Beria act, in Stalin's time. It was deactivated 20 years ago.
James Bond: Two of our men are dead.
Leonid Pushkin: My condolences. We had nothing to do with it.

Leonid Pushkin: You are professional. You do not kill without reason.
James Bond: Two of our men are dead. Koskov named you.
Leonid Pushkin: It is a question of trust. Who do you believe? Koskov, or me?
James Bond: If I trusted Koskov we wouldn't be talking. As long as you're alive, we'll never know what he's up to.
Leonid Pushkin: Then I must die.

General Georgi Koskov: The sniper was a woman.
James Bond: I noticed.
General Georgi Koskov: Some of the best KGB shots are women.
James Bond: Um-hum.
General Georgi Koskov: Did you...
James Bond: I'd rather not talk about it.


General Georgi Koskov: I'm sorry, James. For you I have great affection, but we have an old saying: duty has no sweethearts.
James Bond: We have an old saying too, Georgi. And you're full of it.

Jailer: Good news. You won't be hung in the morning. You will be shot!

Kara Milovy: You were fantastic. We're free.
James Bond: Kara, we're inside a Russian airbase in the middle of Afghanistan.

James Bond: What did you tell them?
Kamran Shah: I tell them you not Russian. They no kill you now.
Kara Milovy: Not now? How about later?

Kara Milovy: What happened?
James Bond: He got the boot.

Brad Whitaker: How do you like my personal pantheon of great commanders?
Leonid Pushkin: Butchers.
Brad Whitaker: Surgeons. They cut away society's dead flesh.

James Bond: Pickett's charge was up Cemetary Ridge, not Little Round Top.
Brad Whitaker: I'm reenacting the battle as I would have fought it. Meade was tenacious, but he was cautious. He missed his chances to crush Lee at Gettsyburg.

Brad Whitaker: That's too bad, Bond. You could've been a live rich man, instead of a poor dead one.

Brad Whitaker: You've had your eight, now I have my eighty.

James Bond: He met his Waterloo.


Leonid Pushkin: Put him on the next plane to Moscow...
General Georgi Koskov: Oh, thank you General, thank you so much...
Leonid Pushkin: ...in the diplomatic bag.

James Bond: You didn't think I'd miss this performance, did you?
Kara Milovy: Oh, James!