Mistakes - The Man With The Golden Gun

Before the man is hit with the chair in the belly dancer's dressing room, padding on his back is visible through his clothes.

When James Bond finds Andrea Anders in the shower, she is wearing a white bikini top that can clearly be seen through the shower glass.

Absolute zero cannot be "maintained" since it has never been reached - this is contrary to the science of Scaramanga's solar power facility. It wouldn't require a man's body temperature to raise it, as the temperature of the surrounding air would already have done the trick.

Scaramanga's golden gun is made up of a pen, cigarette case, lighter and a cuff link, yet when Scaramanga assembles his gun at the table, he doesn't produce the cuff link.

When Bond lands the car from his fantastic 360 degree jump, you can see the figure of J.W. Pepper in the passenger seat. The next shot reveals that J.W. is cowering in the back of the car.

When Bond is in the car with Hip's nieces, the Thai heard spoken is the same phrase(s) spoken repeatedly: "How are you?" and "That's what I think".


In the scene where Goodnight accidentally backs into the Master Override switch Bond asks her to look for a control to deactivate the device. She searches the panel but the description on the part of the panel she reads in no way matches what she says.

In the pre-titles sequence dual between Scaramanga and a thug, silenced weapons are heard to fire like un-silenced weapons.

Hai Fat's home is supposedly in Bangkok, but it's located high on a lush hillside. The terrain is wrong for Bangkok's surroundings. (It was actually filmed in Hong Kong.)

When Bond makes ready for the 360 degree jump in the requisitioned AMC, lighting equipment along with the light guy on a ladder is seen in the car window.

When Nick Nack is throwing wine bottles at Bond, they all appear to be empty, even the unopened ones.

Bond is attacked by two Sumo Wrestlers at Hai Fat's compound. Sumo wrestlers are traditional sportsmen in Japan, not Thailand.

A crew member is visible in the large mirror as Bond walks across the bathroom to hand Miss Anders (Maud Adams) her robe.

The liner Queen Elizabeth sank in the Hong Kong harbour on 9 January 1972, not in 1971, as the dialogue suggests.

When Bond is chasing Scaramanga through the streets of Bangkok, there is a scene in which they pass a cab driver in a 1955 Plymouth sedan. When the cab driver runs off the road and rolls his car over, it has changed to a 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air.


The flying car is supposedly found "200 miles west of Bangkok", which would put it somewhere off the coast of Burma. Also, the island they are head for is said to be about eight hours' sail from Hong Kong, at least 1,000 miles from Bangkok in the other direction.

Just before Bond stuffs Nick Nack into the suitcase on the junk, Nick Nack is heard to say "Hey, what are you doing? Let me out," even though he is not in the case yet and his mouth is not moving.

When Bond arrives on Scaramanga's island, Scaramanga shoots the cork off the bottle of champagne on a platter that Nick Nack is holding. Champagne shoots up out of the bottle neck, partially filling the adjacent glass and wetting Nick Nack's hair. After the next cut, the glass is empty and Nick Nack's hair is dry.

Even though it is supposed to be a wax dummy, you can clearly see Al Capone blink his eyes when he fires the gun. Also, his movements are too human-like to be a dummy.

In the fun-house both arms fall off of the Al Capone wax dummy despite the fact that he only shot one bullet.

When Bond enters hotel Room 602, the shot from the hallway shows the door less than a foot from the door for Room 600, but the shot from inside the room shows a large (roughly 8 foot wide) entryway with the door in the center.

When Bond adopts a third nipple "disguise" in order to appear as Scaramanga to Hai Fat, his extra nipple is in an anatomically impossible location. Extra nipples are always found in the "milk line," which runs vertically between the normal nipple and the groin crease. Bond places his extra nipple medial to his normal one - a dead giveaway that it's a fake.