Soundtrack - Tomorrow Never Dies

Music: David Arnold
Orchestrated & Conducted By: Nicholas Dodd
James Bond Theme: Monty Norman
Song Written By: Sheryl Crow and Mitchell Froom
Song Performed By: Sheryl Crow
Music Recording: John Richards

"Surrender" by David Arnold and David McAlmont lyrics by Don Black performed by K. D. Lang (end credits), "Backseat Driver" written and performed by David Arnold and Alex Gifford of Propellerheads (Hamburg car chase), "It Had To Be You" written by Esham Jones and Gus Kamn performed by Simon Greenaway (Carver's party).

Highest Chart Position: 12 (UK)

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Soundtrack Listing
1. White Knight
2. The sinking of the Devonshire
3. Company car
4. Paris and Bond
5. The last goodbye
6. Hamburg break in
7. Hamburg break out
8. Doctor Kaufman
9. *-3-* Send
10. Back seat driver
11. Underwater discovery
12. Helicopter ride
13. Bike chase
14. Bike shop fight
15. Kowloon bay
16. Boarding the stealth
17. A tricky spot for 007
18. All in a day's work
19. Exclusive David Arnold interview

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Moby remixed the James Bond theme for the soundtrack and released a very successful single, but it was never used in the film itself.