Music - The World Is Not Enough

Music By: David Arnold
James Bond Theme: Monty Norman
Orchestrated & Conducted By: Nicholas Dodd
Song Music: David Arnold
Song Lyrics: Don Black
Song Performed By: Garbage
Album Label: Radioactive/MCA
Single Label: Radioactive/MCA
Highest Chart Position: 5 (Italy), 11 (UK)

The score for the nineteenth James Bond film was composed by David Arnold, with song lyrics by Don Black. "The World Is Not Enough" was the follow-up soundtrack for Arnold, who made his series debut on the previous film "Tomorrow Never Dies".


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Arnold broke tradition by not ending the film with a new song or a reprise of the opening theme. Originally, Arnold intended to use the lounge track "Only Myself to Blame" at the end of the film, however, it was replaced by a techno remix of the "James Bond Theme". "Only Myself to Blame", written by David Arnold & Don Black and sung by Scott Walker, is the nineteenth and final track on the album.

Arnold's score was widely criticized for its regular use of electronic elements and over-use of the James Bond Theme. Elektra King was provided with her own theme, most prominently heard in "Casino," "Elektra's Theme" and "I Never Miss." Arnold added two new themes to the Bond repertoire with this score, both of which are reused in "Die Another Day". The first is an action theme, performed on the upper-registers of the piano, heard during "Pipeline" and "Submarine." The second is a romance theme, first heard in the film during the skiing sequence, but not heard here until the "Christmas in Turkey" cue, in a simple arrangement for piano.

The movie's official soundtrack CD release was issued by Radioactive/MCA in the USA on 9th November 1999 and 19th December 1999 in the UK, where it reached #106 in the album charts.

Theme Song
"The World Is Not Enough", performed by Garbage, was released during the final months of Garbage's world tour in support of their platinum certified album Version 2.0. It was written by Tony, Grammy and Academy award winning James Bond themes lyricist Don Black, and by Grammy, Ivor Novello and BMI Film Music award winning composer David Arnold.

Above: Shirley Manson and Garbage.


Mixed into five versions, the single was written in the traditional style of James Bond title themes with conflicting bloodthirsty and sexual lyrics. The line "There's no point in living if you can't feel alive", an important plot point in the film, is included in the track as it appears on other media.

In September 1998, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli confirmed Arnold as the composer. During November and December 1998, Arnold and Black met several times and exchanged phone calls, faxes and e-mails to discuss the lyrics for the song. According to Arnold, he "strung some la-las together, and all of a sudden the song came to life, and he thought that was probably it." By the end of the year, the songwriters had completed both the song and lyrics, save for the bridge, a brief section in the middle of the song.

The production team of the film were keen for the song to be written as early as possible, with a view to using elements of the melody within the main score of the film. The director, Michael Apted, spoke about his involvement with the theme tune on his DVD commentary: "I made it clear to [Arnold] the sort of tone I needed for the song. We wanted something romantic and haunting. I was insistent that we got a rough draft of the song out soon enough so that it could be incorporated into the score. I remembered how effective that was in "The Spy Who Loved Me"; they were able to use the song, "Nobody Does It Better", as a love theme throughout the film."

By the beginning of January 1999, Arnold had completed the basic outline for the song and created a demo recording of it at his private recording studio on 6th January 1999. He played the track to Wilson, Broccoli and Apted, who said that they were "extremely pleased" with the song. However, MGM initially disliked the song because it was a ballad and had hoped for a theme song with a different tempo. The company contacted Arnold in March 1999 and claimed that a "three-note motif" in "The World Is Not Enough" was too similar to a motif in a number of earlier Bond theme songs. Arnold agreed to remove the sequence.

Arnold initially met with Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson in London in January 1999, and called her up a week later and formally offered Garbage the opportunity to perform the next Bond single. Arnold sent the band "The World Is Not Enough" demo to them on the morning of their sold-out show at London's Wembley Arena on January 20, 1999.

To quell legal issues regarding Manson's label status (she remains signed to UMG's Radioactive Records under a 1993 six-album record deal, while in 1999, the band was signed to independent record labels Mushroom Records UK and Almo Sounds), the song was licensed to Radioactive Records. Arnold was pleased at Garbage's reaction to being asked to do the theme: "I actually haven't heard anyone scream down the phone before. Never come across a more enthusiastic response to a 'do-you-wanna-do-this?' question."

Garbage was on a European concert tour and could not find spare time to record and produce the song. A concert in Lisbon on July 18, 1999 was rescheduled to end earlier so that the band would have time to jet to Metropolis Studios in London, UK to record their composition with Arnold's 60-piece orchestra, and then fly to Six-Fours-les-Plages, France the following day to resume their touring commitments. Re-writes and production took place through phone calls and e-mails, but most of the song was recorded over a week in August 1999 at Armoury Studios in Vancouver. For unspecified reasons, the song could not be recorded in any studios based in the United States.

Singles Chart Peak #
Italy 5
Finland 7
Norway 7
UK 11
Switzerland 16
Ireland 30
US ARC Weekly Top 40 31
Austria 40
Sweden 54
France 55

Above: CD single cover artwork.

Manson requested a lyrical change in the song because the line "I know when to kiss and I know when to kill" did not meet her tastes. Arnold and Black accordingly changed the lyrics to the first-person plural which appears in the final version. Thus, the song concluded with the lyric "We know when to kiss and we know when to kill." The song was mixed and mastered by 23rd August 1999. Garbage did not attend the premiere of the film, instead attending a local showing in Tucson, Arizona during a break from the concert tour.

"Vocally, it's a big change for me. It requires a very wide range, and you can't hide behind any effect. Basically, it's just my voice. I was terrified, and I kept weeping to my friends, 'I'm going to look a fool! There's no way I'm going to be able to carry this off!' They reassured me, saying, 'No matter what happens, at least you won't come last, because you couldn't be worse than a-ha.' It's been great for us because we have long wanted to do a Bond theme. The likelihood of our getting the chance was extremely minute." — Shirley Manson

Song Release
"The World Is Not Enough" leaked online on October 1, 1999. A low-quality mp3 file was circulated through file-sharing networks, after being ripped from a Los Angeles radio station broadcast. It quickly became apparent that the leak was not the actual theme tune, but a remix produced by the band themselves. The actual album version of the song was sent to US AAA, Alternative, Modern Adult and Modern Rock radio stations from October 4, 1999, although the song did not officially debut on radio stations until October 11, 1999. The song failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart, however it placed on the U.S. ARC Weekly Top 40, a chart unassociated with Billboard. The song peaked at #31 at the end of a three-week chart run.

"The World Is Not Enough" was lauded by most critics, though Garbage was initially uncredited. The single was released on both CD and cassette on 11th October 1999 in the USA, 15th November 1999 in the UK and 7th December 1999 in the EU. It reached the top 10s in Italy, Norway and Finland, as well as the top 40 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. The single was featured in several compilation albums including Garbage's greatest hits album, Absolute Garbage. The single's B-side "Ice Bandits", taken from the soundtrack, was often mis-credited as a Garbage track. The CD format also contained a remix of the title track by UK trip-hop act UNKLE. The single failed to give Garbage their sixth top ten hit, stalling just outside at #11, but had a nine week chart run, which no Garbage single has achieved previously or, as of 2007, since. The single was not as successful in Ireland, charting at a #30.

Garbage member Steve Marker claimed that the band remixed the song many times over, including the "Chilled Out Remix" released promotionally, although the "Hawaiian Luau Trance remix" he once mentioned on the band's website is probably a joke. Five official mixes exist: Movie version, Album version, Chilled Out remix, UNKLE remix and UNKLE remix beats.

The version of "The World Is Not Enough" in the movie is a remix of the song, edited and featuring the orchestra more heavily. It has never been released in audio form. The "Chilled Out" remix was planned to be the single's B-side in the UK but the A-side in North America. The mix downplays the Bond sound in favour of a more easily recognisable Garbage style. Garbage completed this alternative version in September 1999 at a personal studio. The UNKLE's "Remix Beats" version is only available on the UNKLESounds release "Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats?" (2003).

Copyright Infringement Case
In June 2004, song-writers Frank P. Fogerty and Nathan Crow sued MGM Group Holdings Corp., Universal Music Group, Universal Studios, and EON Productions, for copyright infringement. The action was filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, claiming that "The World Is Not Enough" was similar to a song called "This Game We Play" that they had written together and submitted to MGM for inclusion in the 1999 film, "The Thomas Crown Affair".

It was agreed in court that "The World Is Not Enough" shared an identical four-note sequence with "This Game We Play". MGM moved for summary judgment, claiming that there were undisputed facts showing that Arnold independently created "The World Is Not Enough". The district court granted MGM’s motion. Fogerty and Crow eventually conceded that Arnold did not have access to "This Game We Play" until after Crow had delivered a recording of the song to MGM in February 1999. It was proved in court, with journal entries, delivery invoices, phone call records, computer records, and testimony from Arnold, his personal assistant Trish Hillis, Black, and Manson as "irrefutable evidence" that "The World Is Not Enough" had already been written and had not been changed significantly, aside from a lyrical change (the removal of one line to accommodate Shirley Manson) and one change to the score (the removal of the “three-note motif” to accommodate the MGM executives), from the date that Fogerty and Crow had submitted their track to MGM.

Above: Rare Japanese promo CD release of the alternative end-track "Sweetest Coma Again" with "The World Is Not Enough" as a B-side.

Soundtrack Listing
1. "The World Is Not Enough" – Garbage (03:57)
2. "Show Me the Money" (01:27)
3. "Come in 007, Your Time Is Up" (05:19)
4. "Access Denied" (01:33)
5. "M's Confession" (01:31)
6. "Welcome to Baku" (01:42)
7. "Casino" (02:57)
8. "Ice Bandits" (03:42)
9. "Elektra's Theme" (02:06)
10. "Body Double" (03:00)
11. "Going Down/The Bunker" (06:27)
12. "Pipeline" (04:15)
13. "Remember Pleasure" (02:45)
14. "Caviar Factory" (06:01)
15. "Torture Queen" (02:22)
16. "I Never Miss" (03:32)
17. "Submarine" (10:20)
18. "Christmas in Turkey" (01:28)
19. "Only Myself To Blame" – Scott Walker (David Arnold/Don Black) (03:39)
20. "Sweetest Coma Again" * – Luna Sea featuring DJ Krush (05:07)

Release 1 is an enhanced CD including U.S. movie trailer.
* Release 2 (MVCE-24204) includes "Sweetest Coma Again" as track #20 (played during the credits in the Japanese version of The World Is Not Enough). This edition was released on 19th January 2000.

Total Time (Original Release): 01:08:03