Mission 1


1) Breach the security perimeter of Drake's castle
2) Enter Drake's castle and infiltrate the party
3) Rendezvous with CIA agent, maintain party guest cover
4) Acquire your Q-Gadgets from the undercover waiter
5) Mayhew's female bodyguard is in attendance - photograph every woman
6) Recover the stolen briefcase containing the guidance module
7) Rescue Agent Nightshade and escape the castle with the guidance module

Bond Moves: 2
Secrets: 2


When the mission starts, you'll parachute onto a watchtower. Turn to your right and shoot the guard in the watchtower opposite of you. Then take out the guard that's patrolling below. Now turn to the other side and shoot the two guards in the other watchtower. From here, there are two routes you take can take to enter the castle.

Route #1: The Bond Way

From the tower you start at, hop onto the truck as it drives under the bridge. When you get close to the main gate, blast away at the two guards. The truck will take you into the castle, thus giving you the first Bond Move. The rest of the walkthrough assumes that you take the next route, so only take this option if you're familiar with the level.

Route #2: The Stealthy Way

This method is safer and you'll take less enemy fire. Start by taking the stairs down the watchtower. Run up the hill to the next watchtower and cut the lock on the door with your watch laser. Go up the stairs, across the little bridge, and climb the stairs to the roof of the tower where there's a wire you can use to climb across. Simply stand under the wire and press the Use key. Watch out for the fray in the centre which is shooting sparks. When you get across, follow the snow path until you reach a balcony with a grapple point. Use your cell phone to get up and enter the castle.

Once inside, climb the stairs to the turret at the top of the castle. Kill the guard, take the sniper rifle, and shoot the two guards operating the searchlights down below. Run down to the ground floor and go outside. Right above you is a balcony with a guard and another searchlight. Make sure you kill him. Run across to the end of the courtyard and you'll find a long balcony with a patrolling guard.

Bond Move 2/2: There's a generator in the area. Shut it off. This is only useful if you take Route #1, since you're coming from the opposite direction of the searchlights.

Secret 1/2: There's a grapple point on the balcony where the guard was patrolling. Use your cellphone to pull yourself up, where you'll find some grenades and armour.

Continue past the generator to the next area where the truck is parked. There's two patrolling guards. Beyond the truck is another guard and some armour if you need it. To the left of the large metal gate is a fountain and past that is a building with two guards and a power switch. Kill them (you can shoot the first guard through the window), hit the switch to unlock the
security door, and run back to the turret building. Instead of climbing the stairs though, turn right after entering the building and go through the padlocked door you've just unlocked. This area has a patrolling guard plus two more guards operating balcony searchlights. Kill them, using your infrared specs if necessary, and climb the stairs to trigger a cut scene.

Once inside Drake's castle, head to the party room. Go down to where the guests are, speak to the waiter to get your gadgets, and use your camera to take pictures of all four women. If you're having trouble with the camera, download the patch. Once this is done, Rook will move away from the doorway he was blocking. Go through it to the library. After the cut scene, climb the spiral staircase and head to the next area, the museum. It contains 4 castle
guards. Dispatch them with your dart pen (keep your distance and hopefully they won't notice you), take their guns, and continue to the next area, the gallery. A guard is patrolling the lower level of the gallery. Kill him and walk across the rafters to the other side.

Secret 2/2: The painting to the left of the fireplace contains a hidden safe. Open the painting, cut the safe's lock with your watch laser, and take the grenades inside. There's nothing you do can do with the secret documents, despite what M suggests.

The next area contains a cut scene in which Zoe is captured by security. After it ends, throw some grenades down into the dining room and you'll take out a guard or two if you're lucky. Then run down the stairs and kill any remaining guards. Beyond the dining room is another guard, followed by a staircase which leads to the gondola station. The station has four more guards who shoot at you from behind crates. Try using your Kowloon to snipe their heads. Zoe is waiting in the gondola for you. You'll have to turn on the power to the gondola first. Don't forget to take the bulletproof vest, ammo, and rocket launcher before leaving. Shortly after the gondola departs from the station, it will stop and two guards will rush out and shoot at you. Take them out with your Kowloon.

Boss - Helicopter: Now Rook and his men will attack your gondola in their helicopter. On Operative and Agent, you can safely take them out with your uzi without taking too much damage. On 00 Agent, you'll want to use your rocket launcher to take out the helicopter as quickly as possible. Be careful not to hit the edge of the Gondola window with your rockets. Make sure you aim where the helicopter is going, not where it currently is, because the
rockets are slow. After a few hits, it'll crash and you'll pass the mission.

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