Astronaut Training Centrifuge

Gadget: Astronaut Training Centrifuge
Movie: Moonraker
Owner: Hugo Drax
Status: Unknown

An astronaut training vehicle used to simulate G-force, which is experienced during lift off. It is a small single seater capsule, which is spun quickly in a circle by a large motorised arm. 3 Gs was a safe amount, 7 Gs will be enough to make people pass out, however 20 Gs would be fatal.


Bond was given a personal demonstration of the centrifuge by Holly Goodhead, the amount was going to be 3 Gs. Unfortunately for Bond Drax's henchman, Chang took over the centrifuge and disabled the panic button, increasing the machine to a suicidal 12 Gs. As a last moment attempt, Bond managed to fire his wrist dart gun into the control panel of the capsule and stop the machine.


An in-place training vehicle with a small one seater capsule, attached to a large mechanical arm, which spun the capsule at high velocity in a large circle.