Atomic Bomd

Gadget: Atomic Bomb
Movie: Goldfinger
Owner: Chinese Government
Status: Seized

This small-scale atomic bomb, its intended use was to be detonated inside the vault at Fort Knox. The bomb was build and supplied to Goldfinger by the Red Chinese Government national Mr Ling.


The atomic bomb was placed in the main vault of Fort Knox, and was set on timer to detonate, thus rendering all the gold radioactive for 58 years, putting the world economy in disaster. As time was running out and Bond was trapped in the vault, without skills to defuse it, however, all was fine when an army official arrived at the last minute to defuse the bomb, stopping it at an ironic "007" seconds.


The atomic bomb was housed in a steel case about 6 foot long, by 3 foot high, the timing device was built into the case, which was on top of a wheeled trolley. The core of the weapon was a combination of cobalt and iodine, which enabled the device to initiate a small scale nuclear explosion.