Bell Textron Jet Pack
(Thunderball, Die Another Day)

Vehicle: Bell Textron Jet Pack
Movie: Thunderball, Die Another Day
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

Perhaps the most usefull vehicle during the Thunderball mission, the jet pack strapped onto the pilots back and was about the size of two large scuba diving tanks.


Bond used the jet pack to escape from a French chateau after he killed Jacques Boiter. He strapped on the pack a took of into the air and over the roof tops and down to where his pickup Mademoiselle La Porte was waiting. He unstrapped the pack and threw it into the boot of his car.

The jet pack makes a brief appearence in the Die Another Day briefing, where Q has installed some improvements.


The jet pack consisted of two tanks filled with propellant and a turbine thruster. It could fly through the air at high speed up to 600 feet.