(Dr. No)

Gadget: Berretta
Movie: Dr. No
Owner: James Bond
Status: Retired

007's weapon of choice, his .25 calibre Beretta was taken from him in Dr. No when M called in the armourer for advice. Although Bond liked the gun, it had failed him on a mission (it had caught in his clothes when he tried to draw it from his shoulder holster) and needed to be replaced. Major Boothroyd (played by Peter Burton and named after the Major who had consulted with Fleming on Bond's choice of handgun) suggested the perfect weapon for a secret agent - conceable, yet powerful, and Bond's Beretta was replaced with the now legendary Walther PPK.


Before the Dr No mission this was Bond's preferred firearm, it was lightweight and easy to conceal inside a jacket.

Although this weapon has not been used by Bond since before the Dr No mission, he was still insistent on keeping it. M ordered Bond to use a Walther PPK, as the Berretta had once jammed on him, and Bond spent six months in hospital with bullet wounds.


A small and lightweight weapon, the Berretta was inconspicuous, however it lacked in power, and is prone to jamming.