BMW 750i
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Vehicle: BMW 750i
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: James Bond
Status: Destroyed

Personally delivered and demonstrated to Bond at the airport in Hamburg, as Bond approached the rent-a-car desk, Q approached Bond and asked him to sign for his new BMW. As Bond entered the cargo loading area, a crate was opened containing the BMW.


Bond used the BMW to travel around the Hamburg area, after Bond investigated Carver's building and took with him Gupta's coding device used to confuse the Devonshire of it's real position. Bond drove the BMW to his hotel to discover Paris' body, Bond was held at gunpoint by Dr. Kaufman whilst Carver's guards tried to break into Bond's car, containing the coding device in a secret glove compartment. The guards started whipping into the car with sledge hammers and crow bars, merely making a few scratches, after much frustration, the guards contacted Kaufman.

Bond disposed of Kaufman and went down to the car park, started the car by remote, blasting tear gas at the guards. Bond remotely drove the car and jumped into the back seat, thus a wild car chase started, Bond disposing of the other vehicles using missiles and tire shredding spikes. Bond finally jumped from the car and controlled it using the remote control's LCD screen, Bond crashed the car through a concrete barrier at the top level of the car park, the car plummeted onto the street below and smashed through the shop from of AVIS rent-a-car.


Grey/metallic, BMW 750iL, 1997 model, V-12 engine, rear wheel drive with the following modifications:

  • Twelve STS missiles mounted under the sunroof, that pops up to fire the missiles
  • Remote control drive and ignition, via controls hidden in Bond's mobile phone
  • Electric-shock security system when the car is touched
  • Tear gas dispensers incorporated in the security system
  • BMW bonnet logo raises to form cable snippers allowing the car to pass through cables
  • Re-inflatable tires at the touch of a button
  • Metal tire spikes which are dropped from underneath the rear bumper