BMW Cruiser Motorcycle
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Vehicle: BMW Cruiser Motorcycle
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: Unknown - Stolen in Saigon by James Bond
Status: Destroyed

Bond and Wai Lin's getaway vehicle in Saigon, after infiltrating Carver's building, Bond and Wai Lin were handcuffed together, the two escaped and fled. Got on the Cruiser and were involved in a chase by a helicopter in the streets of Saigon, Vietnam.


As Bond and Wai Lin sped down the streets of Saigon on their BMW Cruiser, they were handcuffed together, and constantly swapping positions to get a view of their pursuers. One of Carver's helicopters had given chase with a cabin load of machine gun wielding guards, as Bond approached the top of building with a huge drop, Bond got a run up and jumped the bike over to the other building. The buildings in Saigon being dilapidated, the bike crashed though the roof and into a residents living room. As Bond and Wai Lin drove across balconies, they collapsed into a pile of rubble behind them. Finally Bond outsmarted the chopper pilot, by grabbing a washing line cable, slid the bike under the chopper blade, and threw the cable into the chopper's rear rotor, causing it to crash and burn.


Ivory BMW Cruiser R 1200 C, with the following specifications:

  • 2 cylinder, 1170 cc engine
  • 5 speed gearbox
  • Top Speed: 173 km/h
  • 17 litre fuel capacity