Body Wrap Breather
(You Only Live Twice)

Gadget: Body Wrap Breather
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

This rather ingenious device, was the key element to Bond's staged death and sea burial.


At the end of Bond's stage funeral service aboard a British naval ship, the body wrap containing Bond was thrown overboard. When the body wrap had sunk to the bottom of the sea, it was recovered by scuba divers, and taken aboard the M1 Submarine, the body wrap was cut open, to reveal Bond inside a waterproof plastic bag. The bag was opened, and Bond's breathing mask taken from his mouth, Bond stood up, brushed off his uniform and requested permission to board.


The body wrap was made out of canvas, with a waterproof polystyrene backing. Inside the body wrap, Bond lay inside a sealed plastic bag, and was wearing a oxygen mask, which supplied up to forty five minutes of breathing time.