(From Russia With Love)

Gadget: Briefcase
Movie: From Russia With Love
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

The first high-tech gadget to be issued to Bond, it was an attache case with hidden compartments and tricks including knives, a rifle and tear gas dispenser. Bond didn't think much of the contraption when it was first offered to him, however M urged Bond to take the case with him.


The attache case came in handy to Bond on three occasions, firstly Kerim Bey used the collapsible sniper rifle to kill Krilencu, an enemy assassin. When Bond was confronted aboard the Orient Express, Bond was made to open the case himself to hand over 50 gold sovereigns. Later on Bond put the tear gas canister in a different case and lured Red Grant into opening the case, he copped a face full of tear gas, and Bond charged Grant and they engaged in a fierce unarmed fight. Bond used the concealed throwing knife to stab Grant in the leg, and strangle him using his own wire garrotte. Last of all Bond used the rifle to shoot the Co-pilot of the SPECTRE helicopter, causing him to drop a grenade inside the chopper.


The attache case contained the following concealment's:

  • Exploding tear gas canister when the locks were opened normally
  • 50 gold sovereigns hidden in the spine of the case, gold is a world standard currency
  • Flat throwing knife which could be popped out of the side of the case
  • Collapsible AR-7 sniper rifle with infra-red scope
  • Rifle ammunition concealed in steel tubes, which slid out of the bottom of the case