Cargo Plane
(The Living Daylights)

Vehicle: Cargo Plane
Movie: The Living Daylights
Owner: General Georgi Koskov
Status: Destroyed

A huge military transport aircraft for carrying troops, weaponry and supplies, or in Koskov's case, raw opium.


Koskov used the cargo plane after he had bought tons of raw opium, whilst Kamran Shah's men loaded the bags of opium, Bond dressed in sheets and a turban, carried a bag in with a plastic explosive time bomb. Bond was trapped in the cargo hold after being spotted, he threw the pilots out and attempted to take off Kara Milovy followed in a jeep pulling up next to the cockpit telling Bond to open the cargo door. Kara drove the jeep up the ramp into the cargo hold, unfortunately Necros managed to get in, Bond leaving the plane's controls in Kara's non-flight trained hands. Bond and Necros got involved in a violent brawl, falling out of the cargo bay door, clinging to the cargo nets (holding the opium) for dear life, finally Bond kicked Necros off the net, climbed into the cargo bay, let the opium go and disarmed the Bomb. Once and for all the plane, loosing fuel fast, Bond and Kara jumped into the jeep and released the cargo parachute, floating to earth safely while the plane exploded into the side of a mountain.


A four turbo-prop engine cargo plane, with room for anything up to a truck of tons of boxes or supplies. In the back of the plane, a large steel surface was attached to a parachute, at the flick of a switch the surface would roll out of the back of the plane and parachute's would open.