Carver Helicopter
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Vehicle: Carver Helicopter
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: Elliot Carver
Status: Destroyed

One of Eliot Carver's helicopters used for transportation and security reasons. Also the vehicle used to chase Bond through the streets of Saigon.


Bond and Wai Lin approached the top of a building, and discovered they were being chase by a helicopter, with Carver's security guards with machine guns. Bond and Wai Lin on their motorbike, sped down a crowded street, the pilot tilted the chopped on a sharp forward lean, and flew down the street, clipping rooftops with it's rotors. As the crowd parted and the helicopter approached Bond and Wai Lin, Bond grabbed a large hook and cable, sped towards the helicopters rotor and leaned the bike over sliding underneath the rotor. Bond the threw the cable into the rear rotor, and dived for cover with Wai Lin in a concrete well, the rear rotor jammed sending the chopper slamming into a building.


A medium sized grey/black jet engine helicopter, single main roter, with room for a pilot, co-pilot and three other passengers.