Carver Stealth Ship
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Vehicle: Carver Stealth Ship
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: Elliot Carver
Status: Destroyed

A ship specially constructed with stealth technology and materials to be invisible to shipping radar.


The stealth ship was initially used to sink the Devonshire, as Gupta used the navigation device to set the Devonshire off course, into Chinese waters, the Devonshire crew in fact thinking it was in international waters. The Stealth Ship used it's see drill to rip through the Devonshire the crew thinking the Chinese MIG's had dropped a torpedo into the ocean. The crew of the Stealth ship stole a cruise missile from the Devonshire, and rigged it up in their own ship. When Bond infiltrated the Stealth ship, and Carver had been terminated, Bond and Stamper got into a brawl on the frame of the cruise missile, Bond flicking a leaver, pinning Stamper's leg in the base of the missile. Bond cut himself loose from Stamper's grip, and dropped into the water, the missile firing and backblasting blew Stamper and the Stealth ship to pieces.


The huge catamaran style war ship was equipped with the following:

  • Radar stealth black paint work, making the ship invisible on radar to others
  • Radar cloaking device
  • Surface to Air missile tubes
  • Cruise missile firing facilities
  • On board closed circuit cameras and monitors
  • Sea drill control facilities