Cessna 185
(Licence To Kill)

Vehicle: Cessna 185
Movie: Licence To Kill
Owner: Franz Sanchez
Status: Seized

Sanchez' Cessna 185, what he thought was his freedom into Cuban airspace escaping from Bond and Felix Leiter in a DEA chopper.


While Franz Sanchez was approaching freedom in Cuban airspace in his Cessna, Bond and Leiter approached in a DEA chopper. Bond had himself suspended in mid-air by the winch cable, and attached it to the tail of the Cessna, allowing the helicopter to tow the plane to custody. Bond, followed by Leiter skydived to the ground, Lieter just dropping in on time for his wedding.


An ordinary single-engine Cessna, which was put through it's paces when a chopper attached it with a cable, towing it into a stall.