Cessna Pontoon Plane
(Licence To Kill)

Vehicle: Cessna Pontoon Plane
Movie: Licence To Kill
Owner: Drugs Runner
Status: Seized

A Cessna pontoon plane that was loaded with money intended to exchange with the cocaine being transported by the submarine drone.


After Bond killed one of Krest's divers on his ship with a spear gun, he dived into the ocean, stealing the diver scuba gear. Bond proceeded to destroy the cocaine in the drone, after being spotted and fired upon by Krest's men, the plane landed, Bond, spearing the fuselage, used the plane as a ski boat. Bond the climbed onto a pontoon on the plane and threw the pilot out and made of with a free plane full cash.


An ordinary single-engine Cessna, with two large sea pontoons which allowed the plane to take off and land in water.