CIA Motor Yacht
(The Living Daylights)

Gadget: CIA Motor Yacht
Movie: The Living Daylights
Owner: CIA
Status: Unknown

The 65-foot long catamaran was Felix Leiter personal surveillance base, decked out with CIA spy equipment.


Bond was lured into a car load of women, and taken to Felix Leiter's yacht in the waters near Tangier as a cover tactic. Once inside Bond met up with Leiter who was sitting behind a bank of video monitors, scanners and surveillance gadgets.


A 65-foot long and 30-foot wide catamaran, powered by two 840 horsepower diesels, with the following hardware;

  • A series of video monitors and security band UHF receivers
  • Radio scanners and bug receivers
  • Radar and satellite navigation antennae
  • Automatic navigation system