Cigarette Rocket
(You Only Live Twice)

Gadget: Cigarette Rocket
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Owner: Tiger Tanaka
Status: used

Tiger Tanaka's brilliant invention was a small explosive shell encased in a cigarette, it was fired by lighting the cigarette.


Bond was given the cigarette by Tanaka, and it came in handy too when Bond had been captured by Blofeld in the control room watching the launch of Bird 1. After Bond was told he would be killed, he requested one last cigarette to which Blofeld obliged, Bond aimed at one of the control men, and fired, killing the man and causing a flurry of confusion, Bond rushed for a control lever and opened the crater roof, giving access to Tanaka's ninjas.


This SIS developed device contained a mini rocket shell with a penetrating explosive tip. The device was on a four second fuse after it was lit, the shell was accurate up to 30 yards.