Octopussy's Circus Train

Gadget: Octopussy's Circus Train
Movie: Octopussy
Owner: Octopussy
Status: Unknown

A normal steam train which was used to transport equipment for Octopussy's circus, as well as a transport for smuggling gems.


The train was the centrepiece of a brilliant and deranged plan to detonate an atomic bomb in West Germany. Kamal Khan and General Orlov had place the nuclear weapon in the carriage of one of the trains, and had it set for detonation. Towards the end of the mission Bond snuck into one of the carriages and was confronted by Mischka and Grischka, who were killed by Bond in an attempt to disarm the bomb.


A red and black steam train, with transportation carriages, and several office carriages. I was also painted with the Octopussy's circus logos.