Citroen 2CV
(For Your Eyes Only)

Gadget: Citroen 2CV
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Owner: Melina Havelock
Status: Destroyed

Melina Havelock's sunny yellow Citroen, not the particular car a man like Bond would drive, but in an emergency situation anything will do.


After one of Gonzales henchmen blew up Bond's Lotus, Melina Havelock led Bond to her Citroen as a sort of a hire a bomb vehicle. Nevertheless, Bond had no choice, he drove the vehicle whilst being pursued by henchmen, with no alternative Bond thrashed the Citroen down the mountain, for a nice "pleasant drive in the country" as described by Bond. After jumping over several road surfaces, shaking apple trees much to the appreciation of the people apple picking, and rolling the car twice, Bond managed to outsmart the henchmen.


A bright yellow Citroen 2CV, a French made vehicle which was in much need of some mechanical attention.