Dentonite Toothpaste
(Licence To Kill)

Gadget: Dentonite Toothpaste
Movie: Licence To Kill
Owner: James Bond
Status: Used

Plastic explosives disguised as ordinary toothpaste, this stuff is stronger than anything you'll ever brush your teeth with. This toothpaste would be enough to remove the thickest build-up of plaque, as well as your head and shoulders.


Bond smothered the paste around the bullet-proof window of Franz Sanchez office at his casino in Isthmus. Bond placed the cigarette come detonator fuse amongst the paste and detonated it from another rooftop, just before he was about to assassinate Sanchez with the camera gun.


The explosive kit consisted of a tube of plastic explosive paste mixed with ordinary toothpaste as a disguise. The detonator was disguised as a packet of cigarettes, one cigarette was the fuse, which needed to be inserted into a blob of paste, inside the pack was electronics and a radio receiver. A remote control (like a garage door control) could detonate the explosives from a maximum range of 200 yards.