Digital Camera

Gadget: Digital Camera
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

A digital camera, capable of capturing high resolution images. This camera however was capable of uploading the taken images via satellite to MI6.


As Bond was standing at top of an amphitheater, Admiral Chuck Farrel and Xenia Onatopp were approaching a launch to gain access to their yacht. Bond took a photograph of the two together and individually, and a photograph of the yacht's name; the Manticore. When Bond returned to his Aston Martin, a fax arrived from the in dash machine, as well as a voice mail message from Moneypenny. The two photographs were on the colour fax, and the individuals were identified, as well as that the Manticore is on lease to a company, a front to the Janus crime syndicate


The digital camera, is the most advanced camera Bond has ever used, it meets to the following specifications:

  • Auto focus
  • Zoom lens, with low light optics
  • Flash memory card
  • High-resolution images: 756 x 504 pixels, 32-bit colour
  • Low-resolution images: 320 x 200, 16-bit colour
  • High-res image capacity: 8
  • Low-res image capacity: 16