Disco Volante

Vehicle: Disco Volante
Movie: Thunderball
Owner: Emilo Largo
Status: Destroyed

Emilo Largo's personal yacht, a luxurious craft decked out with sleeping quarters, living areas and many other luxuries. It was housed at a small harbour at Largo's estate Palmyra.


The Disco Volante was used mainly as a part of SPECTRE's hijack plan. As the Vulcan bomber was crash landed into the sea, SPECTRE frogmen swam from underneath the vessal using the underwater hatch. The atomic bombs were stolen from the plane, and taken on board the Disco Volante and transporter to a hiding place. Once Bond discovered this, he launched an attack on Largo's men and Bond engaged in a fight with Largo and his men, eventually diving overboard and left the vessel to run aground out of control in a large explosion.


The Disco Volante consisted really of two vessels, a front hydrofoil and a rear attached "cocoon", this enabled the hydrofoil to be detached and move independently at high speed. It included an underwater hatch for loading the bombs and giving access for divers.