Ericsson Mobile Phone
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

Gadget: Ericsson Mobile Phone
Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

Bond's mobile phone from Q-Branch was in fact an item not just for phone calls, given to Bond by Q with his BMW.


Bond first used the phone's stun gun to break into a security card area of Carver's building, by burning the card slot. When Dr. Kaufman held Bond at gunpoint, Carver's guards contacted him to gain access to Bond's car. Kaufman told Bond to give him the phone asking how to unlock the car, Bond told Kaufman to press a particular button, which activated the stun gun on him. Bond also used the phones remote control to drive his car from the back seat during a chase.


A ordinary looking Ericsson mobile phone with the following modifications:

  • A stun gun feature that was activated by pressing "Recall 3".
  • Fingerprint reader for breaking into such safes.
  • The phone opened up like a book to reveal a small LCD screen and disc, the disc when tapped twice started Bond's BMW 750i, and when a finger was moved around the disc, the car could be driven.
  • A mini screwdriver appeared when the antenna was removed