Gamma Gas

Gadget: Gamma Gas
Movie: Thunderball
Status: Unknown

A deadly nerve gas contained in a small, pressurised tank, capable of killing people within seconds of breathing it in.


Firstly the gas cartridge was inserted into a trigger device which was fired like a gun, and was used to kill Major Francois Derval so that his imposter Angelo Palazzi could steal the Vulcan. Aboard the Vulcan, Palazzi strapped on his own breathing device, which was independent from the Vulcan's oxygen supply system. Palazzi then attached the gamma gas canister to an inlet valve on the oxygen system within a few seconds the gas reached the crew's masks, they gasped for breath and died instantly.


A small metal canister with a valve, that was released when pushed, inside the canister was a pressurised dose of the highly lethal nerve gas.