Glastron Speedboats
(Live And Let Die)

Gadget: Glastron Speedboats
Movie: Live And Let Die
Owner: Various
Status: Destroyed

A fleet of speedboats, used by Bond and his pursuers in a wild chase through the rivers of Louisiana.


The speedboats were used in a destructive chase on the Louisiana bayou, even jumping road banks. Further down the river, J.W. Pepper had secured a road block on the bank, and much to his surprise, Bond rendered his boat airborne over the bank, just brushing past Pepper's balding head. As a reaction J.W. accidentally fired his revolver, the bullet penetrated the engine of Bond's boat, just before his pursuers bungled a jump over the bank, crushing Pepper's patrol car.


Bond's boat was a Glastron speedboat, red and white white with an outboard engine. The pursuers in matching vessels, plus one other V8 inboard complete with chromed pipes and exhaust, stolen from one of J.W. Pepper's cousins.