Golden Gun
(The Man With The Golden Gun)

Gadget: Golden Gun
Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
Owner: FranciscoScaramanga
Status: Seized

Scaramanga used this gun as his main method of assassination, it was an ingeniously disguised device. It could fire one 4.2 caliber golden bullet, it Scaramanga's opinion, he only needed one bullet.


Scaramanga used his golden gun to assassinate agent 002 in Beirut, he later killed Rodney a Mafia thug called in by Nick Nack to assassinate his boss (this was actually encouraged by Scaramanga as he thought it made him more prepared). Also to his list of deaths was Hai Fat, a Hong Kong millionaire, Gibson, a British scientist and his own mistress Andrea Anders. Towards the end of the mission, Bond and Scaramanga engaged in a duel, however Scaramanga led Bond into his "fun house", however Bond posed as his own replica (set up in the fun house for Scaramanga's practice) and killed Scaramanga.


Scaramanga's golden gun was disguised as a number of everyday objects, and could be assembled in seconds. It consisted of the following objects:

  • A fully operational gold cigarette lighter
  • A gold cigarette case
  • A gold pen
  • A gold cuff link