Helga's Cessna
(You Only Live Twice)

Vehicle: Helga's Cessna
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Owner: Helga Brandt
Status: Destroyed

A small single-engine Cessna owned by Helga Brandt, this ordinary aircraft was intended as Bond's place of death.


Helga Brandt played along with Bond when he told here he would take her to saftey away from Osato. Whilst in her plane Helga purposely dropped her lipstick/smoke bomb in the cabin, after a think black mass of smoke filled the cabin, Helga flipped a switch and a wooden plank slid out beside Bond's seat and locked his arms in place. Helga dived out with a parachute, leaving Bond trapped, Bond managed to free one are and split the plank with a karate crop, regained control of the plane and crash landed it.


An ordinary single-engine Cessna, with only one slight modification which was a motorized retractable plank used to trap passengers.