Gadget: Homer/Receiver
Movie: Goldfinger
Owner: James Bond
Status: Unrecovered

The homers were two small devices, which could be picked up using a receiver. The device was a little larger than a matchbox, it had a small sliding mechanism to activate it. In the dash of Bond's Aston Martin was a small screen, when the device was activated a map with a dot was displayed. The smaller homer could be inserted into a cavity in the sole of Bond's shoe, for his allies to track him.


Bond put the larger homer into the boot of Auric Goldfinger's car and traced him to his factory in Switzerland. However after Bond was captured, he activated the smaller homer and Felix Leiter was able to trace. At Auric Stud, Bond was sitting with Goldfinger drinking a Mint Julep, this was Goldfinger's tactic to make onlookers think Bond has not been captured. In a last attempt Bond stuck the homer and a note in Mr Solo's pocket so Leiter could trace it, after Odd Job killed Solo and had his car crushed, Bond was left to fend for himself.