Gadget: Hydrofoil
Movie: Moonraker
Owner: James Bond
Status: Destroyed

The Q-Branch enhanced hydrofoil, was weapon laden and perfect for dismissing any likely pursuer.


The Hydrofoil was used by Bond to navigate the rivers of Brazil. Bond came under attack by a fleet of speed boats led by Jaws, which were armed with mortars. As bombs came down behind the hydrofoil, Bond used it's torpedoes and mines to destroy most of the pursing boats. When Bond approached a huge waterfall, he flew from the boat in the built in hang-glider and left the hydrofoil and Jaws to plummet hundreds of feet down the waterfall.


A silver colour Glastron hydrofoil equipped with the following enhancements:

  • Rear launching floating mines to collect oncoming vessels
  • Rear firing heat-seeking torpedo
  • Detachable hang-glider which unfolded at the touch of a button