ICBM Train

Vehicle: ICBM Train
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: Alec Trevelyan
Status: Destroyed

An ICBM transport train, which was Alec Trevelyan's luxurious secret transport.


The ICBM train was used as a secret command base, with Natalya held captive, Bond derailed the train with the tank, and proceeded to rescue Natalya. Inside the train Bond was confronted by Alec, Xenia and General Ourumov, Bond merely escaping by killing Ourumov. Alec and Xenia fled to the helicopter which was in a special carriage on the train, and sealed the trains exits and set it to explode in 3 seconds. Bond managed to cut through the amour plating with his laser cutting watch and escape with Natalya seconds before the train exploded.


The ICBM train was a dusty black colour with red Soviet markings and the following mods:

  • Luxury lounge and dining car
  • Armored command carriage
  • Closed circuit TV monitors
  • Retractable roof heli pad carriage
  • Retractable amour plating on windows and doors