Iceberg Submarine
(A View To A Kill)

Gadget: Iceberg Submarine
Movie: A View To A Kill
Owner: MI6
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

The small craft was a semi-submersible boat, disguised as an iceberg. To an onlooker it would seem like a drifting iceberg that are found off the coast of Siberia. Inside it was like a lounge setting.


After Bond had recovered the microchip from 003's body, he was involved in a ski chase. In the sea a small circular hatch opened on one of the icebergs. Bond stepped down into the sub, put the craft on autopilot, and relaxded himself alongside the pilot Kimberly Jones on the standard issue double bed.


The craft was a custom built semi-submersible, with a moulded and textured fibreglass shell. It contained the following features:

  • Plush living area with TV monitors, and living essentials
  • A circular couch, at the flick of a switch a central part raised to form a double bed
  • Powered by a silenced 4 stroke engine
  • Autopilot controls
  • ULF transceiver linked with MI6 headquarters