Industrial Laser

Gadget: Industrial Laser
Movie: Goldfinger
Owner: Auric Goldfinger
Status: Unknown

Like a child with a new toy, Goldfinger demonstrated the laser device to Bond. The laser was capable of cutting through solid metal at close range.


When Bond was captured and taken into a room and strapped onto a workbench, he didn't expect what was about to come. Goldfinger displayed a large and strange looking device attached to a mechanical arm, it was in fact a very powerful laser-emitting device. The device was switched on and moved slowly higher up the bench to a near castration for Bond, however after mentioning some information to Goldfinger, the laser was switched off and Bond tranquillised. Later in the mission, Goldfinger Korean soldiers had the laser rigged up in a red cross truck, the laser emerged from the roof, and cut thought the solid steel doors of Fort Knox.


The device was a large cylindrical shape, in the middle of which was a coil of electrically charged wire. At the end of the cylinder was a steel prong, this was where the beam was emitted from.