Jaws` Van
(The Spy Who Loved Me)

Vehicle: Jaws` Van
Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Owner: Jaws
Status: Stripped and burnt out

An authentic telephone repair van, used as part of Jaws' disguise plan. Jaws wore a jump-suit, common to a telephone repairman.


Jaws used his van and disguise, to gain access Max Kalba's club. Jaws killed Kalba and stole the microfilm that contained plans for a submarine tracking device. Bond and Anya snuck into the back of the van, not knowing that Jaws had installed a hidden microphone in the back of the van. Jaws took them to the site of some ancient ruins in the Egyptian desert. Eventually after a brief scuffle, Bond managed to get Jaws stuck under a pile of rubble, Bond and Anya fled to the van, trailed by Jaws who got up and brushed off his shirt of the dust from the rubble. Jaws tore the roof off the van like it were a can of sardines, and lifted the vans front wheels off the ground. Bond and Anya escaped and drove out into the desert.


A pale blue telephone repair van with an intercom system.