(The Living Daylights)

Gadget: Keychain
Movie: The Living Daylights
Owner: James Bond
Status: Used

A 3-in-1 device containing plastic explosives, sleep gas and a skeleton key capable of opening most locks.


Bond used the keychain while he and Kara Milovy were in a jail on the Soviet airforce base in Afghanistan. The prison guard took the keychain off Bond thinking it was nothing but a useless toy, until Bond whistled the first part of "Rule Britannia", the keychain letting out a plume of gas knocking the guard unconscious. This gave Bond and Kara the chance to escape and free Kamran Shah. The keychain was also used to kill Brad Whitaker; as Bond was out of bullets against Whitaker's machine gun, he placed the keychain behind a stone statue. He then made a wolf whistle, detonating the explosive and knocking the statue on top of Whitaker.


On hearing the tune "Rule Britannia", the keychain would dispense enough gas to disable an adult human for 30 seconds. On a wolf whistle the keychain's C4 plastic explosive charge would detonate, capable of blowing a door off it's hinges or blasting through a wall.