Latex Fingerprints
(Diamonds Are Forever)

Gadget: Latex Fingerprints
Movie: Diamonds Are Forever
Owner: James Bond
Status: Used

The stick on latex fingerprints could be moulded to match anyone's fingerprints. The devices could be attached to one's fingertips, and simply peeled off and thrown away.


When Bond took on the role of diamond smuggler Peter Franks, it had to be completely accurate, thus the Q-Branch development of the latex fingerprints. On meeting Tiffany Case, she filled Bond's drink, after finishing it, she took it to the back room of her flat, and ran a fingerprint check, to make sure it was Peter Franks. The devices worked flawlessly.


Small, fingertip sized textured latex stickers, they were manufactured by getting a fingerprint texture stamped onto the latex sheeting, while it was hot, it then set, and could be stuck on using some weak glue.