Liparus Tanker
(The Spy Who Loved Me)

Vehicle: Liparus Tanker
Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Owner: Stromberg
Status: Destroyed

Stormberg's enormous tanker, that puts the Valdez to shame, weighing in at over a million tons. James Bond became suspicious when it hadn't docked at any port, and went on to investigate Stormberg's activities.


The large tanker, was the centrepiece of Stormberg's plan, the front of the ship, had two large calliper like doors, when opened the shit was able to capture and store three nuclear submarines. After capturing three subs from the US, Russia and Britain, the crew were held prisoner and the nuclear missiles removed. Bond was aboard the British sub when it was captured, and he was taken aboard and held captive. Bond escaped and freed the captured Naval crew, together they initiated an attack on Stormberg's men, killing most of them. Stromberg launched the missile from the command room which was infiltrated by Bond who redirected the missiles to destroy each other. After a series of explosions the Liparus began to sink, and Bond along with the captain of the US sub, and the rest of the crew, took the sub out of the Liparus before it sank.


An enormous converted oil tanker with the following "off-standard" modifications:

  • Two huge doors at the front of the ship to open up the hull area
  • A design in which the hull floated half submerged to store 3 nuclear subs
  • Prisoner lockup, in the lower part of the hull
  • Armoured wall command centre, for missile launching and navigation