Lipstick Bomb
(You Only Live Twice)

Gadget: Lipstick Bomb
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Owner: Helga Brandt
Status: Used

Helga Brandt's lipstick, an innocent looking cosmetic item, which was emitted a potent colour and smell, that of thick black smoke.


After Bond thought he had convinced Helga Brandt to take him and herself to safety on her Cessna, aboard the plane Helga, freshened her lipstick and dropped it. The device exploded and poured thick smoke into the plane's cabin, then a plank slid across Bond's arms binding him to the seat. Helga said her goodbye and parachuted from the plane, with time running out Bond managed to free one hand, karate chopping the plank, and crash landing the plane.


Not only a functional lipstick, but with a push of the retracting wheel, armed the device on a timed fuse of a few seconds. The device then activated and expelled a fog of thick black smoke