Lotus Esprit Submarine
(The Spy Who Loved Me)

Vehicle: Lotus Esprit Submarine
Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

The Lotus Esprit was perhaps the most advanced car Bond has driven, it had the capability to transform into a submarine, and an array of other ingenious gadgets. The Lotus was personally delivered to 007 in Corsica, driven by Q, who warned Bond to be careful with the car. Bond responded to Q with a smart remark, dropped the clutch, and took off with a grinding screech.


The Lotus Esprit came to be very useful for Bond during The Spy Who Loved Me mission, while being chased by Jaws, Bond used the concrete guns to spray the windshield of Jaws' car causing him to crash. After getting Jaws off his tale, Bond was being chased by Naomi in a helicopter armed with machine guns. Much to Anya's shock Bond sped down a dock and drove off the end into the sea, surprising Anya when transforming the car into a submarine, with tail fins, a periscope and a submarine control panel. Bond shot Naomi out of the sky with a sea-to-air missile, and was then chased by Stormberg's men in small subs, who tried to destroy the Lotus, but Bond used an oil slick as camouflage, and fired back with missile's, destroying the subs.

At the conclusion of the battle, Bond found a hole in the roof of the Lotus, and water was leaking in, in an emergency he drove the car out of the water. As he emerged from the water onto a beach, with bystanders in staring in disbelief, Bond wound down the window and threw out a fish that the car caught through the leak in the roof.


White Lotus Esprit, number plate "PPW 306R", with the following modifications:

Submarine Features

  • Retractable wheels, with extendable covers to protect the wheel cavity
  • Retractable fins and rudders for underwater steering
  • Convertible dashboard to double as a submarine control system
  • Radar and Nautical guidance equipment
  • Metal blinds for rear window
  • Four retractable propeller units at the rear of the car

Weapons & Defence

  • Surface-to-air missiles
  • Underwater mines
  • Oil-slick sprayer for underwater camouflage
  • Rear mounted concrete sprayers
  • Harpoons for underwater combat
  • Self destruct system
  • TV Monitor and closed-circuit camera
  • Periscope