Lotus Esprit Turbo 1
(For Your Eyes Only)

Gadget: Lotus Esprit Turbo 1
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Owner: James Bond
Status: Destroyed

Due to the success of the Lotus Esprit, Q-Branch has modified a later model of the vehicle - the Esprit Turbo. Bond used the Esprit Turbo for a very short period during the For Your Eyes Only mission, before it was destroyed whilst a Gonzales henchman tried to steal it.


Bond drove to Hector Gonzales' estate in Madrid, Spain, to spy on his operations. Once Bond was captured he was saved by Melina Havelock who shot Gonzales in the back with her crossbow, the two fled the estate and proceeded to the Esprit Turbo in an attempt to escape. Once reaching the car, one of Gonzales' henchmen was trying to steal it, without success, without a life and without a car. As the villain smashed the cars window, it's self-destruct system "kicked-in", blasting the villain off his feet, and blowing the car sky-high.


White Lotus Esprit Turbo, with double red pinstripes, alloy wheels and a self-destruct system, consisting of the following:

  • Four 1-pound packs of C4 explosives, strategically hidden in both sides of the car, front and back.
  • Magnetic seals on all doors and boot.
  • Vibration sensors