Manticore Motor Yacht

Vehicle: Manticore Motor Yacht
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: Janus Crime Syndicate
Status: Seized

The Manticore was a large, luxurious Motor yacht on lease to a known company which was really a fraudulent front for the Janus crime syndicate. As well as being a mode of transport for the criminals, it was also part of Xenia's set up.


Xenia Onatopp lured Admiral Chuck Farrel onto the Manticore and the duo engaged in an erotic adventure, which lead to Farrel's death by suffocation when Xenia crushed his rib cage between her thighs. When Bond discovered Farrel's body he found out that Xenia killed him in order to stead his identification tag to gain access to the La Fayette.


The luxurious yacht had six bedrooms, a bar, a dining room, a lounge room, three sundecks and the following specs:

  • 144 foot in length
  • Top speed of 28 knots
  • 2500 nautical mile range