Mini Breather
(Thunderball, Die Another Day)

Gadget: Mini Breather
Movie: Thunderball, Die Another Day
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

This small device, was a tiny oxygen breathing device, which allowed up to four minutes of oxygen supply, in case of emergency of course.


The mini-breather saved Bond's life three times during the Thunderball mission. Firstly he used it to swim to shore after Largo's hand grenade attack near the Disco Volante, Bond's large tanks were sliced by a speed boat's propeller. Secondly Bond used the device when he was trapped in Largo's shark pool, successfully escaping via a tunnel into another pool. Lastly Bond used the device when he had lost his oxygen tanks during the climatic underwater battle.

Bond used the gadget next during the Die Another Day mission, where he cut a hole in the ice and ducked into the icey cold water to escape Zao after the Ice Palace had been destroyed.


The device was a small rubber mouthpiece, attached to the other side of the mouthpiece was a brass valve, for activating the Oxygen supply. Attached to the brass piece were two tiny metal tanks on either side, the device was stored in an ordinary aluminium cigar tube.