Mini Safe Cracker
(You Only Live Twice)

Gadget: Mini Safe Cracker
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

This tiny device, was about the size of a matchbox, and had the ability to crack the code on any dial-locking safe. It cycles through every possible combination, until it guesses the correct combination, a light shown on the device to show when each number has been found.


Bond attached the device to the front of the safe at Mr Osato's office, the device successful cracked the safe. However an alarm was activated when the safe door was opened, as guards approached, Bond fled with some important documents and a photograph.


The tiny device was in the ranks with such devices as the X-Ray safe cracker, it met to the following specifications.

  • Magnetic attaching device
  • Highly sensitive tumbler noise pick-up
  • Logic processor for combination sequenc