Moonraker Shuttles

Gadget: Moonraker Shuttles
Movie: Moonraker
Owner: Hugo Drax
Status: Seized

Hugo Drax's reusable spacecraft, this privately owned fleet of shuttles took off vertically and landed like a normal aircraft.


Initially a Moonraker shuttle was hijacked from the British government and it's carrier plane destroyed. As the truth unfolded, Drax hijacked his own shuttle for use in his scheme. Drax's sinister scheme was to transport his cult followers to his radar cloaked orbiting space base. After launching the deadly bio-weapon satellites to wipe out human civilisation, the "master race" would return to earth and start again. However Bond and Holly Godhead attacked one of the Moonraker shuttle's pilots and boarded the shuttle, travelling to Drax's base and destroy the cloaking device, the US discovered it and sent it's interplanetary assault team to foil Drax's scheme. Bond and Holly fleeing the base in a Laser equipped shuttle, shooting down the bio-weapons.


These reusable craft were launched vertically using an extra liquid fuel tank, and two solid rocket booster. All of the shuttles were used as supplies transports as well as passenger transports. Drax's personal shuttle was equipped with an auto-targeting laser for destroying objects in space.