Oddjob's Derby

Gadget: Oddjob's Derby
Movie: Goldfinger
Owner: Oddjob
Status: Destroyed

This formal hat, which complimented OddJob's suit, looks innocent enough. Except it wasn't, OddJob's derby in fact was equipped with a razor sharp solid steel brim, when thrown correctly could cut through solid stone.


At Goldfinger's golf club, Bond was getting on Auric's nerves, he thought it polite to demonstrate OddJob's deadly talent. Goldfinger signalled his hat, OddJob removed his derby and with one swift flick of his arm, flung the hat at a stone statue, removing its head. Later however whilst being hunted down outside Goldfinger's factory in Switzerland, Tilly Masterson copped a broken neck from OddJob's derby.


The Derby was made out of velvet-like suede leather, and concealed inside the brim, was a circular steel plate, filed at the edges to be sharp as a razor. The steel had to be sharpened or replace quite often, as the hat was only effective for a few times.